Unlce pie graph & plot graphs

The most powerful and flexible tabulation and database management applications on the market today.

From novice to expert, trust the crosstab software used by market research industry leaders for almost 40 years.

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A Solution for All Sizes

Unlce Professional software
Price: $10,500

Uncle Professional

This flagship product provides a powerful tabulation and database enterprise solution boasting unlimited user capability, usability for both novice and expert as well the flexibility to customize to the user’s exact specification.

  • Upgrade Uncle Professional
  • Release w07: $2,500
  • Release w06: $7,000
Uncle Standard software
Price: $3,500

Uncle Standard

Our Single user solution provides all the strengths of Professional but at the single user cost.

  • Upgrade Uncle Standard
  • Release w07: $1,300
  • Release w06: $2,500

Licensees of UNCLE PROFESSIONAL/UNCLE STANDARD release w05 or earlier: Full Purchase Price

Who is the Uncle Group?

Marking nearly four decades as the leading software for market research tabulation, The Uncle Group has the institutional knowledge to provide unparalleled capability while evolving with technology to meet the ever­-growing needs of our clientele. Comprised of a 3​2­ bit full​y­ integrated Windows Application, Uncle Professional is the most powerful, low cost enterprise solution on the market.

Now under new management, we are focused on bringing modern innovations to the flexibility and easy­-to-­use software our clients have come to expect, all while proving why the Uncle software is the leading name since 1976.

As of 2016, we are releasing the latest update of both the Uncle Professional and Uncle Standard software.

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Unlce pie graph & plot graphs

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Researchers Assistance Plan, Premium Subscription (R.A.P.P.S)

Looking for a few extra benefits? RAPPS is our annually renewable membership program that provides the UNCLE user Unlimited Priority Technical Support (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST) and free annual software upgrades.

Unlce Professional software

Uncle Professional Subscription

$215 per month

$2,500 for one year

Uncle Standard software

Uncle Standard Subscription

$115 per month

$1,300 for one year

Uncle Flex Software