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Before there was PC vs. Macs, smartphones and tablets, the Uncle Group was paving the path for market research software. Originally established in 1975, The Uncle Group has lead the market research software industry through almost four decades of evolution.

So when we say we have the institutional knowledge, it’s not bragging. It’s simply the advantage we have from thriving and surviving many tumultuous decades in the software industry. As technology has advanced, we’ve advanced to provide the top cross tabulation software on the market.

Now, coming up on year 40, we bring you our most advanced software, Uncle version w09. This software is the brainchild of our three-man leadership team of Ken Hartley, William Below and Shep McHenry.

Uncle Group President, Ken Hartley, has worked in the market research industry since 1994. His original introduction to Uncle Software started as a tab spec writer using Uncle Professional in 1996. As of 2014, Ken joined The Uncle Group to spearhead tech support, operations and beta-testing of all software. Uncle Group Lead Developer, William Below, has been with the Uncle Group since it’s inception. William has overseen the development and evolution of the software through all versions, writing and designing Uncle Professional’s predecessor, CSSTAB, along with the other company founders. Uncle Group Senior Sales Rep, Shep McHenry, previously owned Micrographics Business Products and has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Stockton University.

Uncle Group prides itself on not being another giant corporation. Unlike some large corporations, we’re a boutique shop that can adjust our software for the client’s needs. Our client’s play a vital role in helping to develop future versions of our software. Unlike a big corporate entity, we feel the client input is important to our output.

For More info on The Uncle Group Contact Shep McHenry 8002296287 ext.102

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