Researcher Assistance Plan, Premium Subscription (R.A.P.P.S)

Uncle Software is always evolving. Keep the Uncle Group software up to ­date at all times, along with our premium technical and maintenance support with R.A.P.P.S..

Joining R.A.P.P.S., this monthly subscription service, provides all the most up­ to­ date versions of our software big and small, patches and additions. Plus, all major releases (roughly every 18 months) are included at a monthly or annual rate.

In addition to always having the most latest software, R.A.P.P.S. sets you up with our premium tech and maintenance support. With R.A.P.P.S support, you’ll have direct access to our premiere support team from 9am to 5pm PT, Monday through Friday.

Uncle Professional tabulation and database enterprise solution software box

Uncle Professional Subscription

$215 per month

$2,500 for one year

Uncle Standard tabulation and database enterprise solution software box

Uncle Standard Subscription

$115 per month

$1,300 for one year

Uncle Flex View

With Uncle Flex, both Uncle users and the report end users are able to review data at a more advanced level. Uncle Flex provides the ease of adjusting results to highlight specific information without the need to alter y​our output specs. ​With just the click of a checkbox, specific results can appear without having to copy ­and ­paste info, essentially eliminating the chance at losing data to human error.

Use of UNCLE PROFESSIONAL or UNCLE STANDARD’s FLEX option results in an actionable Excel® workbook that enables the display or suppression of user­-selected row types and data columns with a few simple clicks. This form of the worksheet facilitates the copying of user-selected row types (e.g. percents only) to new worksheets or other software programs, for charting and graphing, or for printing only the displayed results.

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