Uncle Software:

Making market research and cross­tabulation fit the user’s needs since 1976.

Uncle tabulation and database software in use on a tablet computerThroughout our nearly 40 years of service to the market research world, The Uncle Group has focused on bringing the key components of efficiency and flexibility to research software. Our software allows for output with virtually no limitations to creating the exact report necessary. Don’t be limited by canned package point-and-click software. Our easy­-to­-learn scripting language provides no barriers to extracting the information needed from the data.

With either Uncle Professional or Standard, utilizing the Uncle Flex output and Excel provides a full service solution to both market researchers and end users. This allows the end user and the report writers to streamline the reporting process to efficiently display any attributes without having to go back for additional reports. This effectively eliminates the need for re­entry of numbers or percentages, streamlining copy and paste needs.

So, if you’re looking for only frequencies? Simply place a checkbox. In need of only percentages? Switch the checkbox. There is no need to create a new report. Uncle software is designed to make number crunching drastically easier, all the while avoiding multiple copy and paste errors.

So, if it’s efficiency and flexibility that is required only one question remains:

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